Telehealth Consults

Want to have a consult from the comfort of your home? Autism Dietitian is now offering telehealth (video) consults! This enables individuals to get the quality healthcare they deserve, no matter their geological location. It also allows for a flexible schedule, increased convenience, and no worries about childcare or removing your child from their daily routine. 

Telehealth consults are done via Zoom (comparable to Skype), which is through a secure, HIPAA-compliant system. There is no extra charge for telehealth, and most insurances cover the cost just the same!

When scheduling, be sure to click 'Healthie Telehealth' as your Contact Type.  



Get nutrition advice without even leaving home! 

Photo via  Healthie

Photo via Healthie

No access to a computer with video?

Zoom also has an iPhone App! You can telehealth from virtually anywhere! 

still No Access to a camera?

Phone consults are also available! Be sure to click 'Phone' as your contact type when scheduling an appointment.